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Standing Out from the Crowd - Top 5 Listing Optimisations for Amazon

Amazon has now established itself as arguably the most profitable third-party platform for individuals and businesses looking to expand their digital presence. In wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Amazon has enjoyed a near 200% increase in profits - proof that the growth of online shopping is continuing to accelerate at an exponential pace. Offering a larger customer base than any other Ecommerce channel, the opportunities Amazon presents for brands to increase revenue and build a larger, more loyal customer base are unparalleled.

As the world begins to return to some semblance of normality, it’s never been more imperative for businesses to ensure they’re prepared and fully equipped to survive in this ever more competitive landscape. However, with Amazon Marketplace currently hosting over 350 million products and services, making sure your brand stands out from the crowd can prove highly challenging. Without the right help, and a thorough understanding of Amazon listing optimisation, it’s all too easy for your business to fade into the digital background.

So what exactly is Amazon listing optimisation, and how can it be effectively utilised to ensure your brand is in the right place at the right time?

What is Listing Optimisation?

Put simply, Amazon listing optimisation is the process by which a product’s page is improved in order to boost its search visibility & conversion rate. The easier your product is to find the more impressions or 'eyes' your product will be in front of. The better your image, the more relevant your title and the more competitive your price is, the higher your CTR (click-through rate) will be. The more engaging & informative your secondary images are, the more your copy resonates, and the higher the quality your A+ content is, the greater your CR (conversion rate) will be. In combination these optimisations ultimately generate more sales. This process should be one of the most significant aspects of a brand’s marketing strategy on Amazon.


In order for a product to appear in a customer’s Amazon search, the listing will need to contain words the user is likely to include in their search. Without including all relevant keywords on a product page, it will quickly fly under the radar of a wealth of potential customers. With the help of extensive and thorough keyword research, businesses can find the most relevant keywords for their products and include them in strategic places.

Title - Ideally, your top 5 keywords should be included within the title. This is a crucial opportunity to feed the A9 algorithm and make sure your product is indexed & shown to potential customers when they search for your product. This also the first opportunity to provide the potential buyer with enough key information to encourage them to continue.

Bullet Points - These provide opportunities to include more keywords and start to introduce persuasive copy. However, striking the balance between the inclusion of as many SEO keywords as possible whilst keeping the copy readable is an optimisation element many struggle with.

Description - Amazon allows up to 1000 characters to describe a product and its key features. Ensuring this information is search engine optimised as well as persuasive and engaging is crucial to convey that your product is a cut above the competition’s.

Back-end Keywords - These hidden search terms are not visible to the customer visiting the product listing. These can be very beneficial for the discoverability of a product. Amazon will index up to 249 bytes of back-end keywords.

More Details Section - This allows sellers to include additional and more detailed information on the product. Being as thorough as possible throughout this section is key, as customers will often access it via specific product finders and filter navigations.

Image & Video

Image and dynamic content are one of the most crucial elements of effective Ecommerce. The quality and effectiveness of your images heavily influence the CTR & CR and can be the difference between your product being listed on page one or page seven of a user’s Amazon search.

Main Image - There are numerous factors to consider when aiming for the perfect main image. Amazon recommends using a specific white background (RGB 255, 255, 255) and for the product itself to take up at least 85% of the image.

Additional Images - Amazon permits brands to include up to seven (some cases nine) product images, including the main image. The more images you have, the more chances you have of answering a potential buyer’s questions.

Video - A relatively new feature that is only available to professional sellers approved through Amazon’s Brand Registry Programme. With 51% of marketing professionals naming video as the type of content with the best ROI, this can be a far more engaging type of content for potential buyers, rendering the brands utilising it head and shoulders above their competition.


Establishing the optimum price for a product can prove extremely challenging, especially when using a purely theoretical approach. Through A/B testing and comparing CTR, CR and sales results, a brand can find the exact price which is both competitive and suited to its target consumers.

Customer Q&A Section

This section is key to the CTR, CR and overall sales of a product, which consequently will affect how well it ranks. Potential buyers will often scroll straight to the Q&A or review section from previous buyers. The more helpful a brand’s answers are, the better its listing will perform. This section also presents a further opportunity to include keywords and information not contained within the main description.

A+ Content

Amazon’s A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content are expanded content features offered to registered brands. These improvements can provide a standard listing with a strong visual enhancement, and allow brands to answer user questions in a more informative and impactful way. In fact, according to Amazon, A+ content can increase CR by 3-10%.

Getting the right help

The complexities of achieving optimum Amazon presence are numerous. At Amazon Agency 360 we can provide the support you need. We are leaders in driving Amazon sales, improving product ranking and maximising return from ad spend. Our targeting technology identifies and finds potential buyers to reach higher conversion rates and reduce media wastage. On Average, our clients have increased Amazon sales by over 150%, whilst reducing ACoS by 43%.

​Want to talk to an Amazon expert? We are happy to help. Schedule a discovery call today

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